Testament: The Order Of High Human Gets PC Launch Date And Demo

US developer Fairyship Games has announced a launch date for its upcoming action-adventure RPG Testament: The Order Of High Human on PC.

The game is a first-person story-based adventure RPG where you play as King of High Humans Aran who, after being betrayed by his brother Arva and losing his powers while the world of Tessara is plunged into darkness, embarks on a journey to regain his abilities and stop Arva.

The independent studio has said that Testament: The Order Of High Human comes with “immersive combat” that has been designed around three distinct styles, 16 defensive and offensive magic abilities, and an XP and upgrade system that “motivates players to fully explore every land and dungeon”.

Fairyship Games has also said that Testament’s gameplay is heavily inspired by retro 2D platformers, comes with over 40 main and side quests, and uses an Eclipse System with three different gameplay mechanics that can either work separately or together to create exciting encounters and challenges.

A demo of Testament: The Order Of High Human is available now on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest, allowing you to try out around an hour of the game ahead of its July 13th release date on Steam and the Epic Store.

A PlayStation and Xbox version of the game is in development.

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