The key art for Tales Of The Shire showing a farm and several Hobbits

Tales Of The Shire is a cosy The Lord Of The Rings life sim launching later this year

Publisher Private Division and developer Wētā Workshop Game Studio have announced Tales Of The Shire: A The Lord Of The Rings Game, an upcoming cosy life-sim that will launch later this year for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles.

The game combines the wholesome gameplay of Stardew Valley with the famous Middle-earth setting as you live your fantasy life as a customisable Hobbit in the town of Bywater and work to throw the “greatest Bywater Festival the Shire has ever seen”.

Ditching the dark and gloomy nature of the franchise, Tales Of The Shire allows you to decorate your Hobbit abode with a variety of furniture and home decor options, visit Bywater’s shops, build relationships with locals, cook, fish, forage, and garden.

Kelly Tyson, the Head of Product at Wētā Workshop, said: “We’re excited to provide players with the opportunity to fulfil their fantasy of living their own humble Hobbit life in the Shire. Tales Of The Shire brings a cosy new dimension to the way fans can experience Middle-earth, with plenty of wholesome, Hobbit-centric gameplay to win over newcomers to the genre.”

Michael Worosz, the Chief Strategy Officer of Take-Two Interactive and the Head of Private Division added: “The team at Wētā Workshop is creating a brilliant representation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved works that gives players the agency to create their own Hobbit experience in Middle-earth. Players have been clamouring for a warm and inviting The Lord Of The Rings game for years now, and it’s exactly what we’re delivering with Tales Of The Shire.”

There’s no official date for Tales Of The Shire: A The Lord Of The Rings Game, but it’ll launch later this year, so check back soon!

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