Survival-Raising Game Loddlenaut Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Two-person game developer Moon Lagoon and publisher Secret Mode have released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming survival creature-raising game, Loddlenaut.

The cosy game tasks you with raising and helping axolotl-like creatures known as loddles by feeding them, cleaning pollution from their underwater world of GUP-14, and helping them reproduce.

Loddlenaut’s new trailer debuted at the Re-MIX Online Showcase, and it offers a closer look at some of the gameplay, including how feeding loddles trigger their evolution and how what you feed them causes them to morph into different forms.

The trailer also offers a look at how you’ll help clean the loddles’ underwater world by blasting away pollution and collecting trash, which can be converted into helpful new technology.

A demo for Loddlenaut is available now on Steam, and the game is expected to launch later this year on Steam.

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