Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Story Trailer Features New Gameplay And Familiar Faces

Respawn Entertainment and EA released a new trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor today (March 20th), offering a glimpse into what you can expect from the game’s story ahead of its release next month.

Survivor is set five years after the events of 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and it follows Jedi Cal Kestis’ desperate search for a “safe haven far from the reach of the Empire” as the galaxy “descends further into darkness”, the trailer’s description reads.

The story trailer features brand-new gameplay, as well as a preview of some of the new and familiar faces, as well as enemies, you’ll meet on Cal’s journey.

Set to release next month after a delay from late March, Survivor will include brand-new fighting stances that are advantageous against certain enemies, a buddy AI system that’s featured briefly in the trailer, as well as new traversal abilities like tameable and rideable mounts.

You can check out the story trailer below, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will launch on April 28th for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles.

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