Children Of Silentown

Spooky Hand-Drawn Children Of Silentown Gets 2022 Release Date

Developer Elf Games has announced that its spooky, hand-drawn video game Children Of Silentown will be releasing on PC and consoles in early 2022.

The game, which features art from Luna2, follows Lucy who lives in a small village surrounded by a deep wood that is filled with monsters. Inhabitants of the Silentown village regularly disappear, and Lucy decides it’s time to investigate.

Throughout Children Of Silentown, Lucy will have to explore the village and search for clues, solve various puzzles, deal with a very mean cat, and meet dozens of quirky characters and animals, many of whom may disappear.

Children Of Silentown uses a 2D hand-drawn art style by Luna2, and music plays a huge part in the game as helping Lucy learn how to sing will aid her in times of need.

Gameplay involves solving puzzles, speaking with various characters, playing minigames with the other children of Silentown, and combining items. However, a mean cat will mess with Lucy throughout her journey and make things difficult.

Children Of Silentown will release in 2022 for PC via Steam and for consoles too. A free prologue with a 96% user score is available on Steam right now, and you can wishlist the title too.

Check out the trailer for Children Of Silentown below:

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