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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake Refreshment locations guide

Wild West Jellyfish Fields is the first level you’ll unlock in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. After completing more of the game, you’ll unlock a side quest with Squidward that tasks you with finding five refreshments in the Wishworld. If you’re struggling to find all of the collectables, we’ve put together this guide that lists all five refreshment locations.

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All Wild West Jellyfish Fields Refreshment Locations

The refreshment collectables only unlock once you’ve saved Squidward from his respective Wishworld later in the game. When you have unlocked the side quest and have spoken with Squidward at Bikini Bottom, you’ll need to revisit Widl West Jellyfish Fields to find all five refreshments. They can be found:

Refreshment 1

The first collectable in Wild West Jellyfish Fields can be found immediately after completing the first seahorse riding segment. You’ll eventually reach a wider area and should see several blue tikis descending a waterfall, with the refreshment on the last tiki head. Rather than jumping between the tiki heads, we suggest you reach the top of the nearby cliff using the jump pad at its base, and then glide down to the final tiki to grab the drink.

Refreshment 2

The second can be found in the farm and riding school area where you meet Mrs. Puff. The refreshment can be found at the top of a tall cliff, accessed by climbing to the farm’s roof and then gliding onto the nearby jump pad, and then gliding directly to the platforms ahead. From there, simply jump up to the second platform to grab the refreshment.

Refreshment 3

The third collectable can be found in the cemetery in the Manta Fe area. Climb to the top of the buildings in the town and then make your way to the cliff with a slingshot located to the left of the Manta Fe jail. Use the slingshot to reach the town’s cemetery, and you’ll find the drink on a grave on the northwestern side of the hill.

Refreshment 4

The fourth collectable in Wild West Jellyfish Fields can be found in the Canteen Hills area, where Mr. Krabs first tasks you with collecting cacti juice. On the cliffside above the horse and Mr. Krabs’ juice barrel, you should see a series of blue-coloured wooden platforms. Below it are several blue tiki heads that you can jump on that lead towards a single wooden platform with the collectable.

Refreshment 5

The fifth and final refreshment can be found immediately after riding the seahorse for the third time and after climbing the nearby cliff. The refreshment can be found on a platform near one of the cacti plants you’ll drain for juice. Simply glide over to the platform to grab the drink and complete the side quest.

That’s it! Those are all of the refreshment locations in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Make sure to check our review of the game for our thoughts, and look our for more collectable guides!

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