Special Boxed Edition Of Point-And-Click Game ENCODYA Announced

Meridiem Games has announced the release of a special boxed edition of its dystopian point-and-click game, ENCODYA.

Developed by Chaosmonger, the cyberpunk game sees you take on the role of Tina, an orphan who lives with the large and limbering robot SAM-53 in Neo-Berlin, a megalopolis controlled by corporations. After spending years living from scraps and scavenging with SAM-53, Tina discovers that her father left her a mission; to finish his plan to save the world from darkness.

Together, Tina and SAM-53 embark on a journey across different realities to save the world, solving puzzles, meeting various characters, and facing robotic creatures and grotesque human beings along the way.

The game features a futuristic 2.5D art style with two playable characters, and it includes over 34 non-playable characters that bring the world of ENCODYA to life, along with the game’s 100+ locations with lots to explore and discover and its randomly generated puzzles.

ENCODYA is available digitally now for all major platforms including PC, but a limited physical boxed edition will launch for the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch later this year with European specialised stores.

Details of what the special boxed edition of ENCODYA includes are scarce but Meridiem Games promises more information soon, so watch this space!

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