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Sony Details 7 New Indie Games Coming To PlayStation Consoles

Earlier today, Sony took to Twitter to reveal details and update on seven indie games coming to PlayStation consoles and PlayStation VR.

The mini indie reveal event included announcements on Moss: Book II, Animal Well, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Post Void, Salt And Sacrifice, Samurai Gunn 2, and Hello Neighbor 2. Learn all about the new details revealed here.

Moss: Book II

The first update shared by Sony was about upcoming the PlayStation VR game Moss: Book II, the sequel to Moss. Originally announced at the 2021 PlayStation showcase, the game will follow the adventures of Quill but, according to a blog post from developer Polyarc, the game will include everything that fans loved from the first game and plenty more.

Players can expect fresh challenges, new game mechanics, extensive environments, epic enemy encounters, and more. The sequel will feature larger rooms to explore with multi-dimensional puzzles and platforming challenges. The rooms are also all connected, allowing players to return to each room to scour its secrets and collectables.

Moss: Book II is expected to launch this Spring for PlayStation VR.

Animal Well

Animal Well is a pixel-art 2D game with hunts of the survival horror and puzzle platforming genres. Developed solely by Billy Basso for the PlayStation 5, the game sees players explore a map to uncover secrets, abilities, and items. In a PlayStation Blog post, Basso states that although the map isn’t as big as some other games, it “aims to be much denser”.

Basso has explained that Animal Well will have multiple layers; the first as the base game, which has all of the required areas needed for the game’s ending; the second that includes optional items and areas required to 100% the game; and a third that includes more obscure puzzles that may require online collaboration to complete. The game will take between 10 and 15 hours to complete.

Animal Well is expected to release either later this year or early next year.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Sony also announced Master Splinter as a playable character in side-scrolling beat ’em up video game TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. According to developer Tribute Games, Master Splinter is calmer and collected in his movements, which include jumps, slides, several attacks.

Master Splinter also has unique special attacks, one of which was based on a few frames from the opening credits of the original 1987 animated series in which Master Splinter breaks wooden boxes on all fours. He is now the sixth playable character in the game, joining turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael, as well as April O’Neil.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge will release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One later this year.

Post Void

Also announced was Post Void, a first-person shooter that has been described as “hypnotic, challenging, and ridiculously fast” by developer Super Rare Originals. In the game, players are simply tasked with being fast and are armed with a pistol in one hand and an idol containing their health in the other. Players will need to move constantly to keep their idol filled by killing, and if players slow down for even a minute, it’s game over.

The game has been designed to be pick-up-and-play as runs are short and players will die over and over again. The game is intense, violent, and chaotic, both in gameplay and its visual style. Runs are also procedurally generated, so whenever players do play, it’ll be a completely different experience.

Post Void will launch for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles this spring.

Salt And Sacrifice

Salt And Sacrifice is the sequel to 2D Souls-like game Salt And Sanctuary, which will launch in May for PlayStation consoles. A blog post by Devoured Studios shares new details on the upcoming game’s player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay, which has been described as “more dynamic” than its predecessor. Sprinting has been added along with grappling hooks and Runic Arts, which are powerful situational abilities.

The game will launch on May 10th for PlayStation 4 and 5.

Samurai Gunn 2

Alongside all of the above, Sony also announced that platform fighting game Samurai Gunn 2 is launching on PlayStation 5. The game initially launched on PC back in 2019 and has seen the launch of several new guest characters, including Crewmate from Among Us, Ana from Spelunky 2, and Minit too. All new guest characters will be available with the PlayStation 5.

Producer Adam Robezzoli described the game as an “easy pick-up-and-play feel” that is great for parties and hardcore enthusiasts of platform fighting games. The game also has a full 200+ page Samurai Gunn comic by Valentin Seiche, which can be read completely in-game.

Samurai Gunn 2 doesn’t yet have a release date, but players can expect more information soon.

Hello Neighbor 2

Finally, Sony also announced that Hello Neighbor 2 will launch on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, with a beta coming on April 7th that is accessed with pre-orders. In the game, player will play as Quentin, a reporter investigating a series of disappearances such as the protagonist of Hello Neighbor, Nicky Roth. According to a new PlayStation blog post, players will explore the new open world of Raven Brooks and meet, surveil, and escape from its mysterious characters.

Interact with the townsfolk, figure out their motivations and secrets, and players will need to stretch their skills to the limits to outsmart the characters, thanks to the game’s groundbreaking unique AI and behaviours. The game will release on PC, Xbox Series consoles, and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

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