The Unliving

Roguelite The Unliving Enters Steam Early Access On Halloween

RocketBrush Studio’s dark fantasy RPG and roguelite game The Unliving will enter Steam Early Access on Halloween.

The upcoming game, which melds roguelite and real-time strategy gameplay, sees you take on the role of the Necromancer, a sorcerer who must raise the dead and lead the army against an endless fight after the realm of the living has become corrupted.

The Unliving includes a procedurally generated world filled which you can explore to take on enemies, resurrect fallen foes to add them to your army, conquer uncharted lands, and invade villages and slay peasants.

Since the game is roguelite, you are resurrected after each permadeath and keep all progression and unlocks, but the world and its enemies will be different.

There are numerous cryptic notes that can be found, allowing you to gather the Necromancer’s lost memories, unravel the mysteries of necromancy, and discover the grim truth surrounding the hierarchies of the Church.

If the above isn’t enough, the game also has numerous epic boss battles, each of which has a unique fighting style and set of abilities, requiring strategy to take down.

The Unliving will enter Steam Early Access on Halloween and a demo is available now for PC. Check out a trailer for the game below:

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