Patch Quest Steam Demo

Roguelike Monster Catcher Patch Quest Gets Steam Demo

Developer Lychee Game Labs and publisher Curve Games have announced the launch of a Steam demo for their upcoming roguelike Metroidvania game, Patch Quest.

The game is set on the island of Patchlantis, which was once home to an ancient civilisation but has since been reclaimed by nature and fierce monsters.

Armed with a lasso, you’re tasked with capturing and taming monsters in the labyrinth that is Patchlantis, all the while building your base camp and leaping, gliding, surfing, tunnelling, and webslinging throughout the game’s various levels.

Patch Quest features over 50 monster species, all of which utilise unique skills that you can claim as your own, but the monsters and traps littered around the island can be dangerous and lead to death, sending you back to base camp.

Shortcuts can be unlocked and new tools acquired to help make subsequent runs across the island easier and to explore deeper and more dangerous areas of Patchlantis.

Patch Quest is available on Steam Early Access, and a V1.0 update has been planned for March 2023 that will add ten new boss battles, launch pads that can be used to create fresh shortcuts, a final challenge sequence, and numerous balance improvements and bug fixes.

The demo for Patch Quest is available now on Steam. Check out the demo announcement trailer below:

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