Loco Motive

Robust Games Announces Point-And-Click Adventure Comedy Loco Motive

Developer Robust Games and publisher Chucklefish have today announced their new game, Loco Motive.

The brand new game was revealed during today’s Nintendo Indie World presentation and is a point-and-click comedy adventure, which sees players investigate the suspicious death of Lady Unterwald aboard the Reuss Express, a 1930s steam train.

Players will need to utilise the talents of a lawyer, an amateur detective, and an undercover agent to solve the mystery. Throughout the investigation, players will meet a fully voiced cast of quirky characters, solve puzzles, and piece together the facts to uncover the mystery.

The game features gorgeous pixel art bursting with charm, and it allows players to play via traditional point-and-click or by taking direct control of characters.

Loco Motive will release in Summer 2022 for PC and Nintendo Switch, you can check out the trailer here:

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