Sheltered 2

Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Sheltered 2 To Release Next Month

Publisher Team17 and developer Unicube Studios have announced a September release date for the upcoming post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered 2.

The upcoming game is set 20 years after the end of the world and follows the release of the 2015 original game. In the sequel, players are tasked with creating a leader and building a faction to survive the horrors of a devastated Earth.

Players will need to manage resources, ensure their survivors’ needs are met by cooking meals and crafting equipment, all while tackling threats.

Sheltered 2 builds upon the foundations of the original game by featuring a revamped combat system wherein users can target specific body parts, a brand new 3D art style, and punishing new survival challenges, such as starvation, asphyxiation, extreme temperatures, and more.

The game also includes a new factions system where players can forge relationships with other groups to trade or steal resources and support.

Sheltered 2 will release for PC on Steam on September 21. Anyone interested in the title can wishlist it on Steam now and watch the trailer below:

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