Solar Ash

Platformer Solar Ash Has Been Delayed To December

Developer Heart Machine has delayed its upcoming adventure platformer Solar Ash to December.

The game was due to release on October 26, 2021, but has been delayed to December 2, 2021, to provide Heart Machine with more time to polish the game and fix bugs. A statement issued on Heart Machine’s Twitter account reads:

“Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive have decided to delay the release of Solar Ash until December 2, 2021. We want Solar Ash to shine, and we need a bit more time to get the last pieces of polish and bug fixes into the game, while still navigating this global pandemic as a highly dedicated team.

“This short delay will help us get there,” they continued. “Thank you for your understanding, and we’ll see you in the Ultravoid soon.”

Solar Ash follows voidrunner Rei as she races across a neon-coloured, three-dimensional landscape to save her planet. The platformer focuses on movement, requiring players to avoid obstacles and fight enemies across grandiose environments.

The game has been shown at numerous PlayStation events and will release on December 2, 2021, on both PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as PC. Check out the trailer below:

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