Kao The Kangaroo Release Date

Platformer Kao The Kangaroo To Launch In May For PC And Consoles

Tate Multimedia has announced an official release date for its reboot of platformer Kao The Kangaroo.

After more than 20 years since his debut, the boxing marsupial is marking his return in Kao The Kangaroo, launching next month for PC, Nintendo Switch, and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The game follows Kao – pronounced K-O – as he embarks on a journey to find his missing sister and solve the mystery surrounding his long-lost father. Kao will need to pick up his magical boxing gloves and travel a colourful and vibrant world to face several famous fighting masters under the influence of a dark, disturbing power.

The game harks back to popular platforming titles, and it includes several diverse worlds filled with secrets, an engaging story with captivating characters, challenging combat using Kao’s magical gloves, numerous boss battles, and plenty of collectables to find throughout the game.

We had a chance to play a demo of Kao The Kangaroo and detailed everything you need to know about the platformer ahead of its release next month. You can check that out here, along with some new gameplay of the game.

Kao The Kangaroo will release digitally and physically on May 27th, 2022, for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles for £24.99/€29.99/$29.99 digitally and £29.99/€34.99/$34.99 physically.

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