Life By You

Paradox Tectonic Unveils Sims-like Game Life By You

After briefly announcing it earlier this month, developer Paradox Tectonic has unveiled its upcoming Sims-like game, Life By You.

Helmed by The Sims pioneer Rod Humble, Life By You is Paradox Tectonic’s debut title and aims to be the “most moddable and open” life simulator game. Releasing in Early Access later this year, the game will allow you to design and live out the lives of the humans – not Sims or Cims from Cities: Skylines – you create in a fully customisable open world.

Like other life-sims, Life By You will allow you to create households, build homes, and “tell life’s many stories”. It comes with real language conversation, the ability to modify everything – there’s a colour wheel – and control everyone from third-person to direct control gameplay, and will come with a fully open world with no load screens.

The game will also launch with several Creator Tools and Editors, allowing you to tweak all aspects of the game by creating quests, dialogue, collectables, and objects, and also change interactions with objects too.

Alongside the above customisation, you can expect all of the usual life-sim goodness, including the ability to raise a family, climb the career ladder, and (seemingly) age.

Life By You will is available for pre-order now and will launch in Early Access on September 14th for PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam. Check out the live stream announcement below:

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