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New Nintendo Switch Console To Launch In 2021, Reports Claim

A new Nintendo Switch console is launched next year, according to new reports.

As first reported by Video Games Chronicle, Taipei-based newspaper Economic Daily News claimed last week that a new Nintendo Switch console is entering production later this year with a planned release for early 2021.

The report, which cites several hardware manufacturers for the Switch consoles, claims that the new Switch will include upgraded “interactivity” as well as an improved display. However, the report did not mention whether or not there will be a difference in hardware power, like Sony’s PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X.

There have been numerous rumours of a new Nintendo Switch console, with many rumours claiming that the supposed console will feature more powerful hardware as well as “enhanced features”.

Any plans for a supposed new console may have been impacted by COVID-19, particularly as Nintendo was forced to pause shipping and manufacturing its Nintendo Switch consoles this year in Japan due to the pandemic and was only able to resume in April.

Although Nintendo itself has denied rumours of a new Nintendo Switch console, the rumours remain persistent. If a new console is planned to launch next year, we should get an announcement within the coming months so stay tuned!

Image Credit: Photo by Enrique Vidal Flores 

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