MIRA And The Legend Of The Djinns

New Metroidvania Game MIRA And The Legend Of The Djinns Announced

Developer littleknightgames has announced MIRA And The Legend Of The Djinns, a new Metroidvania game that takes inspiration from Moroccan and Amazigh culture, language, and spiritual traditions.

The game tells the story of treasure hunter Yuba and the mysterious Djinn Mira who journey across the devastated world of Fallen Amazgesh to uncover its lost memories and to uncover what happened. Along the way, the pair agree to form a spiritual bond, something no human has done outside of fabled legends.

According to the studio, the game is played in a traditional 2D Metroidvania-style format as Mira and Yuba travel the world to discover new friends, face vicious foes, uncover priceless artefacts, explore dangerous ruins, battle corrupted spirits, and come face to face with the cause of the cataclysm that destroyed Mira’s world and conceived Yuba’s.

The game includes a skill tree with varying moves and abilities that will help you face enemies, and it includes several tools that will help both Yuba and Mira on their journey across Fallen Amazgesh.

What’s more, the game includes four different weapons, each imbued with one of the four elements Djinns hold power over; Solar, Lunar, Infernal, and Celestial, all of which can be swapped on the fly when battling enemies.

MIRA And The Legend Of The Djinns will release in 2023 on PC and you can wishlist it on Steam now. Check out the trailer below:

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