Lies Of P Legion Arm Gameplay

New Lies Of P Trailer Showcases Legion Arm Gameplay

Developer NEOWIZ has released a brand-new trailer for Lies Of P, showcasing some of the deadly Legion Arms that can be used in the Souls-like game.

Legion Arms are mechanical arms that can be equipped and upgraded, with each arm having varying abilities to use in combat.

There are seven Legion Arms in total, excluding the default arm, all of which cater to varying playstyles. They are the Deus Ex Machina, Aegis, Falcon Eyes, Puppet String, Fulminis, Flamberge, and Pandemonium.

Deus Ex Machina allows you to plant mines into the ground that explode after several seconds, with the upgraded Legion Arm offering larger explosions.

Aegis acts as an incendiary shield and can be used to guard against attacks from enemies. The upgraded Aegis seems to be able to stun opponents for a short while when used.

Falcon Eyes shoot an explosive that is implanted into enemies, with the upgraded Arm allowing you to shoot additional charges into enemies.

Puppet String allows you to pull enemies closer to you for quick attacks, while the upgraded Legion Arm allows you to pull yourself towards enemies and perform wicked aerial combos on unsuspecting targets.

Fulminis looks to shoot electric charges at enemies, while the upgraded arm allows you to emit a slow electric charge before performing the shot attack for more damage.

Flamberge emits a continuous wave of fire, and the upgraded Flamberge emits a larger wave before exploding as a stronger blue flame.

Finally, Pandemonium allows you to shoot a deadly substance onto the ground, which slowly infects enemies before killing them. The upgraded arm can be used to throw more of the substance onto the floor and in larger waves.

NEOWIZ’s Lies Of P is inspired by the story of Pinocchio and is set in the fictional city of Krat, which has become overrun by deadly puppets as a plague sweeps the land.

You play as P, a puppet who embarks on a quest to become human but first must fight through the dangerous city to find Geppetto first.

The upcoming action RPG offers complete character and combat customisation, through the above Legion Arms, as well as by upgrading P’s stats and utilising various melee weapons.

The game is available to pre-order now with several editions available, including a digital Deluxe Edition that allows you to play the game three days early.

Lies Of P launches September 19th for PC, Apple Silicon Mac systems, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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