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Naughty Dog Has ‘No Plans’ For The Last Of Us Part 2 DLC

Naughty Dog’s Vice President Neil Druckmann has stated that there are “no plans” for The Last Of Us Part 2 DLC.

Druckmann revealed the news during an appearance in Kinda Funny Games’ two-hour-long spoilercast for The Last Of Us Part 2 in which he was joined by Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel).

Referencing The Last Of Us’ story DLC Left Behind, Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller asks if there will be DLC for the sequel, saying: “Are there plans for DLC? Left Behind, obviously correct me if I’m wrong, [for] The Last Of Us Part 1 you guys were like, ‘We’re going to do DLC for it, we’re going to do something else for it’, which became Left Behind, but you guys never [said] anything about that for Part 2, correct?”

Druckmann then confirmed that there will be no DLC. He said: “No, there’s no plans for DLC.”

The Last Of Us Part 2‘s Multiplayer Mode

The Last Of Us featured a highly praised multiplayer mode titled Factions. A multiplayer mode for Part 2 was planned and Naughty Dog had been developing it but as the game’s single-player campaign grew, it was delayed indefinitely.

Rumours claim the multiplayer mode is in development but when Miller asked Druckmann about Part 2’s multiplayer mode in the spoilercast, he said: “I remember when we used to make multiplayer games.”

The fact that Druckmann uses past tense when discussing multiplayer games suggests that a Factions mode for Part 2 has been cancelled. However, Druckmann was smiling when replied and then when pushed to answer, made a motion of zipping his mouth shut.

The Last Of Us Part 2 released June 19th to critical acclaim but has divided fans over its themes and storyline. Still, the game has become the UK’s fastest-selling boxed PS4 game.

Image Credit: Screenshot, The Last Of Us Trailer PlayStation YouTube

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