Embr Uber Firefighters

Multiplayer Firefighting Simulator Embr To Release Next Month

Curve Digital has announced that its multiplayer firefighting simulator Embr is releasing next month.

The game sees players band together to fight ferocious fires and rescue civilians in either a solo mode or as part of an online team. Players will need to collect tips from civilians and earn as-high-as-possible star ratings to collect cash, upgrade tools, and become the best firefighter around.

In addition to the above, players can take part in Embr Eats and deliver takeout, drop off explosive parcels as a Box Box delivery expert, and become a DIY Safety Engineer too.

Embr features two expansive districts to explore along with 12 hand-crafted levels, 13 tools and various upgrades for complete customisation, five game modes, daily and weekly missions, and, finally, plenty of wearables, vehicle cosmetics, and more.

Embr will release on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 23rd. You can watch the game’s trailer below:

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