Dreams In The Witch House

Lovecraftian Horror Game Dreams In The Witch House Gets February Release Date

Developer Atom Brain Games and publisher Bonus Stage Publishing have announced a release date for the upcoming Lovecraftian horror game, Dreams In The Witch House.

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dreams In The Witch House short story, the game is set in the haunted city of Arkham, Massachusetts, in 1929, and it follows math student Walter Gilman who moves into a boarding house, uncovers a dangerous scheme, and must face the dreaded May-Eve witch ritual.

The game gives you two months to prepare Walter for the May-Eve, and you’ll decide how he spends his time; studying for university, making friends, and staying in good physical and mental health or exploring rumours, reading forbidden books, and studying the occult.

Dreams In The Witch house has been described as a hybrid point-and-click and open-world horror game with randomly generated gameplay elements so each playthrough will be different. The pixel-art game also has a day, evening, and night cycle with changing weather, as well as money, health, and sanity character stats amongst others.

Atom Brain Games has confirmed a 10 to 20-hour playtime for the game with several unlockable endings determined by the actions you make throughout the game.

After seven years of development, Dreams In The Witch House will launch on PC via Steam on February 16th, 2023. Check out the trailer below:

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