Lords Of The Fallen Gameplay Demo

Lords Of The Fallen Gets New 17-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Developer HEXWORKS and publisher CI Games have released a new 17-minute trailer for upcoming RPG Lords Of The Fallen.

The brand-new gameplay video offers a look into the new area of Fitzroy Gorge, while including a glimpse at some of the enemies you’ll have to face and the environments within the area you’ll have to traverse.

The video also includes a thrilling boss fight against the Lightreaper and his three-headed dragon-like pet.

The fantasy role-playing game, which recently went gold, sees you journey across two parallel worlds on a quest to defeat the demon God Adyr after his resurrection.

Like other Souls-like titles, the game will see you explore an expansive world, face tough enemies and challenging bosses, and customise your character with various weapons and by updating stats, spells, equipment, and armour.

Lords Of The Fallen launches October 13, 2023, for PC via Steam and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

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