Lords Of The Fallen Best Boss Order

Here’s The Best Lords Of The Fallen (2023) Boss Order

Want to know what the best Lords Of The Fallen boss order is? I’ve compiled a list of the bosses in the game and the order to fight them based on my 30+ hour playthrough, which should give you a rough idea of where to go and who to defeat.

Here’s my list:

  1. Holy Bulwark Otto (Tutorial boss, offers no rewards)
  2. Lightreaper (Scripted – you’ll likely to die)
  3. Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal
  4. Scourged Sister Delyth
  5. Gentle Gaverus, Mistress Of Hounds
  6. The Congregator Of Flesh
  7. The Hushed Saint (Primary boss)
  8. Mendacious Visage (Optional, can be defeated before The Hushed Saint)
  9. Ruiner
  10. The Lightreaper (Second encounter – will likely die again!)
  11. Infernal Enchantress
  12. Spurned Progeny
  13. Skinstealer
  14. Kinrangr Guardian Folard
  15. Griefbound Rowena
  16. The Hollow Crow (Primary boss)
  17. The Lightreaper (Third encounter – not mandatory but can be defeated!)
  18. The Sacred Resonance Of Tenacity
  19. Abiding Defenders
  20. Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho
  21. Tancred, Master Of Castigations/Reinhold The Immured (Primary boss)
  22. Abbess Ursula
  23. Rapturous Huntress Of The Dusk
  24. Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel (Primary boss)
  25. The Lightreaper (Final, mandatory encounter)
  26. The Iron Wayfarer
  27. Damarose The Marked (If you’re cleansing all beacons as I did)
  28. The Sundered Monarch
  29. Adyr, The Bereft Exile (Final boss for most endings)

Missing Bosses

Despite completing the main story, I haven’t defeated all of the bosses in Lords Of The Fallen yet, seeing as some require you to complete NPC quest lines or go for a different ending, and these are:

  1. Crimson Rector Percival (Can be defeated between the Mendacious Visage and Ruiner)
  2. Paladin’s Burden (Can be defeated between The Sacred Resonance Of Tenacity and Abiding Defenders)
  3. Bringer Of Stillness, Silence, and Nulity (Can be defeated before or after Skinstealer)
  4. Harrower Dervla The Pledge Knight/The Unbroken Promise (Defeated after the three Bringers)
  5. Andreas Of Ebb (Defeated after the final Lightreaper encounter if you progressed his quest line)
  6. Elianne The Starved (Defeated as part of the game’s Umbral Ending)

That’s it! Now you know what order to take on most of the game’s bosses. Keep an eye on this page, as I’m hoping to put together some detailed guides for the bosses. I hope it’s helped!

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