Kena Anniversary Update

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits To Get Free Anniversary Update Next Month

Ember Lab has announced a free one-year anniversary update for Kena: Bridge Of Spirits.

The free Anniversary Update will be made available to PC via the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4 and 5 users on September 27th, 2022, and it includes a range of new features.

Firstly, the update will finally add New Game+, allowing you to restart the game’s story with all previously unlocked abilities, upgrades, rot, and outfits – requirements as there are new enemies and new boss phases.

As detailed in a PlayStation Blog post, Ember Lab is also adding Charmstones, which can be equipped to adjust Kena’s stats and abilities and are found throughout the world. Charmstones come with a benefit and a disadvantage, such as improving staff damage but causing you to lose all courage on last hit.

You’ll need to strategise when and where to use Charmstones depending on the enemies or challenge you’re facing. There are also Cursed Charmstones for anyone that wants a more challenging experience as they reduce Kena’s abilities.

The Spirit Guide Trial is a new game mode coming to Kena, accessed via the Mask Shrine. The mode includes several replayable challenges split into the following categories; Obstacle Course, Wave Defences, and Boss Reflects.

Each trail comes with various objectives you’ll need to complete to unlock outfits for Kena, each inspired by the different characters met throughout the game. Completing bonus objectives of these challenges awards colour variations of outfits and special Charmstones.

In addition to the above update, Ember Labs will release Kena: Bridge Of Spirits on Steam on the same day, including all Anniversary Update content.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits released in September 2021 for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles and PC. It follows spirit guide Kena who embarks on a journey to a sacred mountain shrine and along the way must help the wandering spirits trapped within a nearby abandoned village.

If you’re unsure of the game, check our Is Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Worth It? review, and take a look at the gameplay trailer below:

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