Kao The Kangaroo – Walt’s Dojo Walkthrough

Walt’s Dojo is the first official level in Kao The Kangaroo (2022). The level introduces you to the main gameplay mechanics of the video game and sees you rush across a linear, gorgeous tropical world towards Walt’s Dojo to find out how to rescue Kao’s sister, Kaia.



Gems: 3

Scrolls: 1

Before starting the actual level, you’ll be required to play a brief section where you’re stuck in Kao’s dream and must chase after his sister Kaia after she disappears. While chasing her, you’ll need to attack and defeat enemies with Kao’s enchanted boxing gloves.

From the first platform, defeat the enemies with three hits. When defeated, a new platform to your left will float and attach itself to the platform you’re on. Run across it and you’ll be ambushed by three enemies. Defeat them using Kao’s special AOE attack, and a new platform will float down.

Run across that platform, and you’ll be ambushed by six enemies. Defeat them and run across the final platform towards Kaia, ending the dream sequence.

Following a cutscene between Kao and his mother Marlene on Hopalloo Island, you’ll begin the Walt’s Dojo level. Your objective for the level will be to reach the dojo, so just run ahead and follow Kaia’s spirit, making sure to interact with the crabs for gameplay hints.

Hop over the tree log and continue up the ledges until you reach a small body of water. Run across it towards the high ledge and then jump. Kao will grab the ledge and you can hit the jump button again to push Kao over the ledge. Climb another ledge and you’ll run into a bridge with missing planks.

Jump across the bridge until you reach the other side. Don’t worry about falling in, you can easily walk through the water and wrap around back to the bridge. Drop down the ledge once you’ve crossed the bridge and run over the log. When you reach a crab, turn right to access a secret area.

Climb the ledge and double jump over the water to the small island. From there, jump to the left and climb the ledge to reach a chest. Hit it to earn a slew of coins, and then take another right to climb several ledges and get your first collectable the K of K-A-O. Run across the short wooden platform ahead and then jump down where you can take a right and reach the path that led to the secret area.

This time, go straight ahead across a small wooden platform, take a right and roll under the gate, and then climb down the ledges. Jump into the shallow pool of water to pick up a gem, and then roll under the gate to reach your first Checkpoint, which saves your progress when you die.

Hop over the ledge and run towards the small island in the deep water. You’ll reach another fork in the road; to your right will be a log you can run and jump across to reach a crate harbouring coins, and straight ahead will lead to another gate you can roll under.

From there, take a right and jump onto the next platform, where you can pick up an extra Life. Follow the path along until you reach a small hole, where you’ll unlock Kao’s boxing gloves and meet Walt.

After the cutscene, you’ll be stuck outside a locked gate. To its right will be a mushroom-looking button. Punch it, and the gate will open. Pass the Checkpoint and follow the path towards another button. Punching it will cause a platform to rise, which you can jump onto and access the platforms surrounding it, including one to the left with several crates and coins.

Take a right and ground slam the button on another platform to trigger a new floating platform. From there, you can double jump onto a wooden walkway and enter the next area. Roll under the next gate, collect the coins, and use your tail attack to smash the nearby crates.

Continue pushing ahead and climb the stairs, but take a left and then take another left to jump across the three platforms to reach the two houses on wooden stilts. On a walkway between them, you’ll collect another gem.

Climb the stairs, take a left and then climb the platform to the right, where you can tail kick a button to unlock the gate at the top of the stairs. Pass through it and then roll past the traps on the wooden walkway. Jump over the gap, and then roll past the traps once again.

You’ll reach a new patch of land, and immediately jump down to your left to find a treasure chest with coins. Straight ahead you’ll see a wooden platform with three crabs – shoot them down, turn around, and then proceed to a drawn bridge. To the right will be another crab you can shoot down, bringing the drawbridge down.

Before crossing it, take a sharp right and jump across the several platforms to pick up another gem. Once done, cross the bridge and face a Frogster. Defeat it, and then take a right to cross a bridge and meet Walt. Climb the nearby stairs and head to the dojo’s door to end the level.

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