Kao The Kangaroo

Kao The Kangaroo Gets New Trailer Introducing Kao’s Friends & Family

Tate Multimedia has released a brand new trailer for Kao The Kangaroo that introduces the titular kangaroo’s friends and family.

The brand-new trailer for the upcoming platformer offers a closer look at the characters joining Kao on his journey; Walt, Kao’s sparring partner and mentor; Marlene, Kao’s mother who is known as the “Iron Lady”, and, finally, notorious inventor Gadget.

Kao The Kangaroo, which marks the first release in two decades, follows the marsupial as he embarks on a journey across beautiful and diverse worlds packed with secrets. Armed with his magic gloves, Kao must face several famous fighting masters while trying to find his missing sister and solve the mystery surrounding his long-lost father.

Tate Multimedia has said the game features an engaging story with captivating characters, numerous collectables to find, challenging boss battles, and fun gameplay for all ages, including hardcore gamers.

Kao The Kangaroo will release on May 27th for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, and on the Nintendo Switch and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Check our gameplay preview from earlier this year below:

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