Days Gone Secret Ending

Is There A Days Gone Secret Ending? How To Unlock The Game’s True Ending

Although Days Gone was rather decisive at launch, the game has since developed a cult following and many gamers have found themselves trying and enjoying the open-world horror title. However, most players don’t know that there is a secret or true ending to the game which you can watch after Days Gone’s credits have rolled.

If you’re playing the game and want to unlock the true Days Gone secret ending, you’ve come to the right place. Just keep on reading to discover what you need to do to unlock the ending and how the secret ending is potentially setting up the Days Gone sequel.

Days Gone Secret Ending: What Is It?

The secret ending is an ending that is triggered after completing the game’s main storyline and after the game’s credits have rolled. The ending, although short, involves NERO member James O’Brien who, if you remember, hasn’t been mentioned since his failed attempt at rescuing Sarah and Deacon from the Wizard Island camp.

How To Unlock The Days Gone Secret Ending

After the credits for Days Gone have rolled and you’re back in the game, you’ll be given a series of short missions which tie up minor storylines and characters. According to our Days Gone Mission List guide, these missions are:

  • Where’s My Damn Rings?
  • For The Benefit Of Others
  • I’m Not A Ripper

Like the main missions in Days Gone, these missions will not always pop up immediately, you may need to drive around and complete a few activities before they’re triggered. Once these missions have been completed, you’ll need to again drive around and complete some activities before receiving a call from O’Brien, asking you to meet him at the Old Pioneer Cemetary and triggered the final Days Gone mission; There’s Nothing You Can Do.

Once triggered, fast travel or drive towards the Old Pioneer Cemetery where you’ll meet with O’Brien who reveals some major information regarding his research of Freakers. That’s it, after meeting with O’Brien you’ll have completed the final Days Gone mission and have unlocked the true, secret Days Gone ending.

As a reward for completing the mission and its corresponding Finding NERO storyline, you’ll also receive a NERO custom skin for your bike as well as a crafting recipe for an Unknown NERO Weapon, which can only be crafted once you’ve collected all 18 pieces of IPCA tech found on white-suited NERO scientists around the world.

What Does The Days Gone Secret Ending Mean?

*Please note, there will be spoilers for the Days Gone secret ending from here on*

In the Days Gone secret ending, O’Brien explains that NERO higher-ups have always known that the Freaker virus is mutagenic, that it has led to the creation of new intelligent and powerful Freakers, and that NERO is coming.

It’s widely accepted that the secret ending is teasing a sequel to the game, which may potentially have a more intelligent race of Freakers which could arguably bring more challenging combat and gameplay. Although a Days Gone 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, developer Bend Studio has made comments stating that they’re not yet done with Days Gone’s world.

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