Macabre Monsters

Indie Studio Different Monsters Announces Co-Op Horror Game Macabre Museum

Indie studio Different Monster has announced Macabre Museum, a brand-new co-op horror adventure game.

The game sees you take on the role of one of four characters; an archaeologist, a private investigator, a journalist, and an influencer who have all been locked in a museum overnight. Trapped, the four characters must navigate the mysterious museum while facing the now-living exhibits, uncovering secrets from the past, and finding an escape.

Macabre Museum can be played either solo or with up three friends in four-play co-op mode. You and your friends will need to explore the randomised and rapidly changing environments of the museum while defending yourself against various enemies, including monsters like minotaurs, giant spiders, piranhas, demented kings, mummies, and other mythical and ancient creatures.

There are various tools, weapons, and items available to help, as well as the ability to unlock new skills. You’ll need to solve various puzzles and survive obstacle courses, all on your journey to collect crystals from each museum and break out.

Macabre Museum doesn’t currently have a release date but it will launch on PC via Steam, where you can wishlist it now. Check out the announcement trailer below:

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