Turbo Golf Racing

Hugecalf Studios Announces Arcade-Style Racer Turbo Golf Racing

Developer Hugecalf Studios and publisher Secret Mode have announced their new multiplayer title, Turbo Golf Racing.

The brand-new game was announced at this week’s Future Games Show, and the title combines the chaos of multiplayer racing with the skill of golf, creating a hybrid game in which up to eight players compete to see whose skills are up to par.

All players must flip, dash, and glide their cars down winding fairways in an attempt to strike their oversized golfballs toward the finishing cup.

Turbo Golf Racing features online multiplayer matchmaking with cross-platform play between PC and Xbox platforms, and it includes a slew of cosmetic items, allowing you to customise vehicles with paint, and various wheels, spoilers, shields, and more.

There are also Power Cores that alter a car’s capabilities and unlock special abilities, and Hugecalf Studios has promised regular free updates that will bring new courses, cosmetics, and Power Cores.

Turbo Golf Racing is available to wishlist now on Steam, and the game will release later in 2022 for PC, Xbox One, and all Xbox Series consoles. It will also be available with Game Pass.

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