Tribes Of Midgard Witch Saga

Huge Tribes Of Midgard Update Adds New World, Farming, And Crossplay

A huge new update for Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing’s Tribes Of Midgard has expanded the game by adding a new world, a farming system, and crossplay.

The free update, Witch Saga, calls on Einherjar to band together in a fight against the goddess Hel, who has summoned Drauge to lead her army of Helthings in an attempt to corrupt the roots of Yggdrasil.

To stop Hel, you’ll need to venture to Niflheim, the realm of the dead, which is a new frosty world that you can explore to raid ancient stone mausoleums, uncover new crafting materials to create powerful recipes, and challenge Hel to free her prisoner, the fallen god Baldr.

The update’s new farming system allows you to plant seeds and cultivate materials for crafting by using the new shovel tool to plan Essences and grow materials like stone and iron after a timer.

Alongside the above, the new update also introduces crossplay for users on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox, allowing you to connect online from different devices.

Tribes Of Midgard is a co-op game that supports up to ten players, and it sees you embark on a journey to face the terrifying creatures hellbent on unleashing Ragnarok, all the while exploring the colourful and detailed world and expanding your home base.

The Tribes Of Midgard: Witch Saga update is available for free now on all PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Check out the trailer below:

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