Horizon Forbidden West Unlock Merchants

How To Unlock Merchants In Horizon Forbidden West

After two linear missions, Horizon Forbidden West finally opens up in The Daunt, which you reach as part of the ‘To The Brick’ main mission. The Daunt is the first major open area that’s home to the first two major settlements, Chainscrape and Barren Light. Both are filled with Machine Strike players, side quests, and vendors, but you may find that you’re unable to shop or sell with any of the settlements’ merchants. If you approach them, nothing happens. Why? You have to unlock them, and here’s how.

Unlocking Shops In The Daunt

If you’re looking to grab some new armour or weapons, or just want to sell some resources for shards, you’re going to need to wait a little. Before you can access any of the game’s vendors, you’re going to need to push through the game’s main story, completing the main mission ‘To The Brink’ and the side mission ‘The Bristlebacks’.

Completing ‘The Bristlebacks’

‘The Bristlebacks’ can be triggered by speaking to the leader of Chainscrape, Ulvund, who has stopped all business in Chainscrape and beyond due to the appearance of dangerous new machines in The Daunt. Before business can resume, you’re going to need to help a nearby Carja Magistrate uncover why Bristlebacks have emerged in the area.

To do this, you’re going to need to search West of the nearby Redhew Quarry for Bristlebacks and follow their trail to a valley. Climb the valley while examining the Bristleback corpses and enter the nearby Split Crag mine where you’ll have to face several other Bristlebacks. After taking down the machines and exploring the mine, you’ll come across a Shipping Manifest Datapoint that sheds some light on how the Bristlebacks entered The Daunt.

After returning to Javad The Willing and discussing Aloy’s findings, you’ll complete the quest.

Completing ‘To The Brink’

‘To The Brink’ is the longer mission of the two. Upon entering The Daunt and speaking with Vaudis, you’ll be given two objectives; visit Chainscrape and Find Erend. Chainscrape is a nearby settlement, so make your way there, chat with its residents and a familiar face, and then use the Weapon Vendor’s workbench to upgrade your bow.

Once you’ve done that, head to Erend’s last known location, where you’ll bump into one of Erend’s Vanguard who is trapped above a ruined building and is surrounded by Scroungers. Using his electrical tripwires, take the Scroungers out to be rewarded with his Tripcaster. Push forward and you’ll eventually run into two more Vanguard fighting a Bristleback beside a relic ruin. Help them and destroy the machine.

Eventually, you’ll be tasked with searching for Erend’s tracks. Head to the location and using your focus, mark his tracks. Follow them into a closed area where you’ll find Erend and an injured Vanguard fighting two Bristlebacks and a Scrounger. Take them out, speak with Erend, and then return to Ulvund and speak with him to complete the quest.

With both missions completed and The Daunt free from Bristlebacks, you can push Ulvund to blow the whistle and kick-start business across The Daunt.

Vendors In The Daunt

Once you’ve got merchants working in The Daunt by completing the two above missions, you’ll have access to numerous vendors in both Chainscrape and Barren Light, where you can purchase new weapons, resources, armour, and sell valuable items too. The available vendors in each settlement include:

  • Hunter (Weapons)
  • Stitcher (Outfits)
  • Herbalist (Potions and medications)
  • Cook (Food)

Beyond The Daunt will be additional vendors and merchants, like Dryers that can dye your armour in different colours once you’ve collected the required dyes, and painters that can give Aloy some beautiful face paints. So, once you’ve cleared The Daunt, get exploring to unlock all of the game’s merchants!

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