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How to unlock all endings in Dredge

Dredge comes with two endings, both of which are tied to trophies and achievements for the game. Although the first ending is easy to unlock as it follows the game’s main Pursuit or quest, you’ll probably be a little confused as to how to get the second ending, which is why we’ve explained how to unlock all endings in Dredge in this guide.

The First Ending

Dredge Ending 1

The first ending, which we believe is the game’s “bad” ending, is the ending that you’ll unlock naturally while playing. After collecting all five relics, simply head back to The Collector and speak with him. Follow through the dialogue options for a great plot twist, and then select the “I’m Ready” option to proceed to the first ending.

You’ll get a point-of-no-return warning, which means after finishing the final phase of the game, you’ll reset back at the Blackstone Isle dock. After pushing forward, you’ll need to head towards the X marked on your map, just west of Greater Marrow.

When you get there, you should find an interactable location, which you’ll need to inspect to trigger the ending. From there, you can simply sit back and watch, and earn the ‘Unshackled’ trophy and achievement.

The Second Ending

Dredge Ending 2

The other ending, which seems to be the game’s “good” ending (You’ll know why after watching the first ending!), can be unlocked once the game resets you at the Blackstone Isle dock. With all five relics in your possession, head back to Greater Marrow and speak with the Lighthouse Keeper.

Tell the Lighthouse Keeper that you have the book, and, after a point-of-no-return warning, the Lighthouse Keeper will shine a light on the same location you travelled to for the first ending. Simply follow the light, and then interact at the spot to trigger the second ending. Unlocking the second ending will award you with the ‘Sated’ trophy and achievement.

That’s it! Now you know how to unlock all endings in Dredge. While you’re here, make sure to check our other Dredge guides – our complete list of all Pursuits could help you!

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