Thymesia Level Up

How To Level Up In Thymesia

Like most other RPGs, Thymesia uses a level progression system. Through it, you level up Corvus’ various stats to help you throughout the game. But how do you level up in Thymesia and what stats are there in the game? Find out with our guide right here.

Stats And Attributes

In total, there are three main stats that you can level up with Memory Shards in Thymesia. The three stats and what they do are:

  • Vitality: Increases Corvus’ maximum health
  • Strength: Increases Corvus’ Saber Attack and Wound damage
  • Plague: Increases Corvus’ Claw Damage and maximum Energy
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Every time you increase an attribute when levelling up Corvus, you’ll gain one Talent Point that you can use to unlock various skills and bonuses within the Thymesia skill tree. This last only until level 25, and there are over 80 Talens available in the game although several are unlocked from the start, so you’ll need to choose wisely and select those that work with your playstyle.

Levelling Up In Thymesia

As you play through Thymesia and defeat enemies and bosses, you’ll collect Memory Shards. These Memory Shards are used to level up Corvus whenever you speak with Aisemy or rest at a Beacon – checkpoints scattered throughout the game through which you can level up, adjust abilities, brew potions, and stop recalling amongst other options.

However, you will not be able to level up Corvus until you’ve completed the game’s tutorial, following your fight with Varg, and awaken at Philosopher’s Hill.

When Corvus dies, his memory is interrupted and all Memory Shards are lost. Like with the Dark Souls series, you can recover all lost Memory Shards at the location where you died, although failing to collect them and dying again will result in you losing those Memory Shards and only being able to obtain those you held before the most recent death.

While playing the game, you’ll also find Collection Of Memories items, which when used provide you with a number of Memory Shards. The amount you earn from the item will vary depending on the item’s level, as stated in the Item menu.

That’s our guide to levelling up in Thymesia. We hope it helps you kick-start your adventure in Hermes to aid Corvus on his mission in recalling. While you’re here, you should check our guide on how to platinum Thymesia.

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