Alan Wake Remastered Episodes

Alan Wake Remastered Episode List – How Many Are There?

In total, there are six episodes in Alan Wake Remastered. Each episode follows from the previous and, since the story can get a little confusing, begins with a recap to explain the game’s plot so far.

The six episodes of Alan Wake take around two to three hours each to complete. They are:

  • Episode One: Nightmare
  • Episode Two: Taken
  • Episode Three: Ransom
  • Episode Four: The Truth
  • Episode Five: The Clicker
  • Episode Six: Departure

Although the episodes cannot be skipped, after completing the sixth and final episode, you can replay the game on Nightmare mode, which features unique manuscript pages exclusive only to that difficulty.

Finding all manuscript pages and completing the game on Nightmare difficulty are required to unlock two of the game’s achievements or trophies.

How To Access Alan Wake Remastered DLC Episodes

Alan Wake Remastered also includes the base game’s two DLC episodes, which takes place after the base game’s ending. The two DLC episodes are as follows:

  • Special One: The Signal
  • Special Two: The Writer

To access the above two DLC episodes of Alan Wake, you’ll need to have finished the main game and will need to navigate to the Episode screen from the main menu, choose your preferred difficulty, and then select the DLC episodes from the list of all of the game’s episodes.

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