How Many Chapters In Until Dawn?

How Many Chapters Are In Until Dawn?

There are a total of eleven chapters in Until Dawn, including the game’s prologue. If you’d like to know more about each Until Dawn chapter or simply want to see how far you are into the game, take a look at our Until Dawn chapter guide below.

Until Dawn Chapter List

As mentioned, there are eleven chapters in Until Dawn, and each chapter starts at beginning of a new hour before dawn. You’ll follow several characters in each chapter as they attempt to survive and uncover the truth about the predicament they’re in.

  • Prologue – One Year Ago: The Prologue takes place a year before the events of Until Dawn and it sees you take control of Beth before she and her sister Hannah disappear
  • Chapter One – Friendship/Memento Mori: Set ten hours before dawn, the chapter follows Sam, Chris, Jessica, Matt, and Ashley as they make their way to the lodge for the annual winter getaway
  • Chapter Two – Darkness/Jealousy: Set nine hours before dawn, the second Until Dawn chapter sees Chris and Josh find a way into the lodge, Mike and Jessica head to the guest cabin, and Sam and Josh explore the basement to start up the boiler.
  • Chapter Three – Haunted/Isolation: Set eight hours before dawn, the third chapter follows Chris, Ashley, and Josh as they conduct a seance, Mike and Jessica as they continue making their way to the guest house and settle down, and Chris and Ashley as they explore a secret room within the lodge.
  • Chapter Four – Loyalty/Malevolence: Set seven hours before dawn, the fourth Until Dawn chapter follows Mike as he chases after Jessica, Chris as he searches for Ashley and must make a life-threatening decision.
  • Chapter Five – Dread/Prey: Set six hours before dawn, the chapter sees Mike as he explores the Sanatorium, Matt as he and Emily embark to a fire tower to call for help, and Sam as she’s chased throughout the lodge by a mysterious figure.
  • Chapter Six – Psychosis/Vengeance: Set five hours before dawn, the fifth Until Dawn chapter sees Matt and Emily arrive at the fire tower, Ashley and Chris as they search for Sam at the lodge before encountering the mysterious figure.
  • Chapter Seven – Loss/Violence: Set four hours before dawn, the chapter follows Sam and she uncovers information about the mysterious figure, Emily as she navigates the mines, and Chris and Ashley face the aftermath of a dangerous trap.
  • Chapter Eight – Animus/Revelation: Set three hours before dawn, the eighth Until Dawn chapter follows the remaining survivors as they uncover the truth about Blackwood Mountain and its history.
  • Chapter Nine – Despair/Karma: Set two hours before dawn, the chapter follows Mike as he returns to the Sanatorium and the remaining survivors as they chase after him, all as Jessica’s fate is revealed.
  • Chapter Ten – Repentance/Resolution: Set an hour before dawn, the final Until Dawn chapter follows the survivors as they escape Blackwood Mountain and fight for their lives.

It’s also important to point out that in between each chapter is an intermission in which you, the player, meet with psychiatrist Dr Hill who discusses the choices you’ve made throughout the previous chapter.

If you’re wondering how long Until Dawn is, you can complete the main story of Until Dawn within around ten hours. However, attempting to find all collectables, trigger all trophies, and keep all characters alive until the end of the game will provide you with several more hours of playtime.

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