How Many Chapters Are In Forspoken?

How Many Chapters Are In Forspoken?

Luminous Productions’ Forspoken is an RPG that follows Frey Holland who is transported to the land of Athia and must confront the maddened rulers known as Tantas, all while facing terrifying beasts and searching for a way back to New York. If you want to know how many chapters are in Forspoken and roughly how far you are into the game, keep on reading.

Forspoken Chapters List

There are a total of 13 chapters in Forspoken, including an epilogue. None of the chapters can be skipped and they all vary in length – some can be completed in under an hour and others, particularly those that require you to explore Athia, can take much longer.

The 13 chapters in Forspoken are:

  • Chapter One: Attachments
  • Chapter Two: Stuck
  • Chapter Three: The Interloper
  • Chapter Four: What Must Be Done
  • Chapter Five: Might And Main
  • Chapter Six: Damned If You Do…
  • Chapter Seven: The Hue Of Blue
  • Chapter Eight: The Truth Will Out
  • Chapter Nine: Breaking Point
  • Chapter Ten: None The Wiser
  • Chapter Eleven: Forspoken
  • Chapter Twelve: Awakening
  • Chapter Thirteen: New Beginnings

None of the chapters can be skipped, and there is no chapter select. However, the final chapter acts as an epilogue and allows you to freely roam Athia to finish off any side quests, complete challenges, and find all collectables and points of interest.

How Long Is Forspoken?

Most players have managed to complete the main story of Forspoken within around 20 hours. However, there’s plenty of side content available within the game, which can easily boost your overall playtime.

If you’re looking to grab all trophies and platinum the game, your playtime can take well over 40 hours, as you’ll need to complete challenges and grab most collectables within the game.

That’s it! Now you know how many chapters are in Forspoken and roughly how long the game is. Enjoy your time in Athia!

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