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How Many Bosses Are In Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights sees the Bat-family as they’re forced to protect Gotham, with the up-and-coming heroes facing ordinary criminals, as well some of Batman’s most famous foes in gripping and epic boss battles. Find out how many bosses are in Gotham Knights with our guide right here.

Please note that there are MAJOR story spoilers in this guide, so proceed at your own risk.

Gotham Knights Bosses

There are a total of eight bosses in Gotham Knights. Of all of the bosses, only three are mandatory as part of the main campaign, while the remaining five are fought as part of side content, including the three villain Case Files.

What’s more, some bosses must be fought more than once. For example, Basher and Blazer are thought separately and then together, and Clayface and Mr Freeze must both be fought twice, the latter against a Mecha Mr Freeze.

We’ve compiled a list of all Gotham Knights bosses below, including which Case Files and subsections feature the boss fight. The bosses marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

  • Basher: HQ01 (1.2) – Dr. Q At Monarch Theatre
  • Blazer: HQ01 (1.2) – Dr. Q At Monarch Theatre
  • Basher And Blazer: HQ01 (1.2) – Dr. Q At Monarch Theatre
  • Harley Quinn: HQ01 (1.4) – Chaos In General
  • Mr Freeze: FR01 (1.4) – Gotham City On Ice
  • Mecha Freeze: FR01 (1.6) Breakout At Blackgate
  • Clayface: CF01 (1.2) – Disturbance At Dixon Docks
  • Clayface [Part Two]: CF01 (1.3) – Rumble At The Reservoir
  • Man-Bat: Case File 07 (7.2) – Talia al Ghul*
  • Bruce Wayne: Case File 08 (8.2) – The Lazarus Pit*
  • Talia al Ghul: Case File 08 (8.2) – The Lazarus Pit*

There you have it. Those are all of the bosses in Gotham Knights. There aren’t a lot, particularly as most are only fought as part of side content, but you’ll find that the majority of the fights will require some planning and can be very challenging, so good luck!

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