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Hogwarts Legacy Gets Holiday 2022 Release Window

Avalanche Software has announced that their upcoming adventure game Hogwarts Legacy will be releasing this Holiday season.

A special Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play aired today, giving fans of the Harry Potter franchise a deep look into the title and its gameplay. The 15-minute broadcast offered a deeper look at Hogwarts, including some of its most iconic locations; the Great Hall, a customisable Room of Requirement, the various house Common Rooms, Hogwarts Kitchen, the Hogwarts Grounds and plenty more. A look at Hogsmeade and other surrounding areas was also shown.

The broadcast also offered a look at the game’s character creation, flying, and how classes, potions, and magical beasts will be used. It also shared a deeper insight into the story, which is set in the late 1800s and follows your controllable character as they enter Hogwarts as a latecomer in their fifth year and discover their mysterious ability to control ancient magic. The story will see players learn more about the magic while seemingly taking on a goblin uprising that endangers the entire Wizarding World.

Combat was shown, including a look at some of the spells players will be able to use when fighting magical beasts and other witches and wizards, and a companion system was also touched up, in which players can befriend other students at Hogwarts to uncover their stories and have them accompany players throughout their journey.

Alongside all of that, Avalanche Software also clarified a release window for the game. Although no firm date was given, the studio confirmed that the title is expected to release Holiday 2022 for PC and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

You can watch the Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play below:

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