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Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator Revealed, Along With A New Cutscene

The first screenshots of the Hogwarts Legacy character creator have been revealed, along with a brand-new cutscene from the game.

Developer Avalanche appeared at software company Autodesk’s Autodesk Vision Series in which the studio delivered a presentation on how it used Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder to create the upcoming game.

During the presentation, Avalanche showcased a new cutscene from the game. In it, two Hogwarts students watch a trio of dark wizards struggle to restrain a Hippogriff before pulling it into a building. One of the two students follows and, as the building locks, the other student, presumably the player, comments that they need to find another way inside.

In addition to showcasing the new cutscene, Avalanche shared looks at character models and showed off the game’s character creator, which included a glimpse into some of the presets available.

Alongside the top of the character creator are several tabs, which the users of the HarryPotterGame subreddit have found to include Presets, Facewear, Hairstyles, Complexion, and Eyebrows. A sixth tab is represented by a Hogwarts house emblem, suggesting it may be used to select your Hogwarts house or adjust school clothing.

At the time of writing, there is no release date for Hogwarts Legacy but the game is due to launch this Holiday season for PC, Nintendo Switch, and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

While you’re waiting, find out how the game uses the PlayStation 5’s DualSense features and check out the recent Hogwarts Legacy State Of Play for a look into the title’s gameplay:

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