Kingdom Of The Dead

Hand-Drawn Horror FPS Kingdom Of The Dead To Launch On PC In 2022

Kingdom Of The Dead, a hand-drawn first-person shooter horror game, has been announced for PC.

Developed by DIRIGO Games, the game, set to release on Steam in early 2022, follows Agent Chamberlain, a professor turned Army General, who works as Gatekeeper for a secret government program and is tasked with defeating Death and preventing his ever-growing army of the dead from spawning on Earth.

The game combines hand-drawn black and white visuals with classic FPS gameplay, featuring different objectives at each difficulty level. Players must equip eight weapons to face over 22 undead enemies and numerous bosses across several remote locations along the United States East Coast.

Players can switch up their gameplay experience with a customisable colour palette as well as cheat code access, and it includes an endless gameplay mode too.

Kingdom Of The Dead will release on PC via Steam in early 2022, you can add it to your wishlist right here. Watch the trailer for the game below:

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