Crime Boss: Rockay City Halloween Update

Halloween Lands In Crime Boss: Rockay City With Brand-New 5.0 Free Update

INGAME STUDIOS and 505 Games have released free update 5.0 for Crime Boss: Rockay City, adding a limited-time Halloween event to the game as well as a series of quality-of-life changes.

As part of spooky season celebrations, the new update has added Halloween-themed menus to the game, as well as pumpkin heads on enemy gangsters and a new enemy to fight: the chainsaw-wielding Angry Butcher in Turf War.

You’re also able to deliver tricks for “sweet treats” in the new Shopping Arcade, a large mall with two floors and shopping variants.

The 5.0 update also includes new scenarios in Diner and Beach Road Underpass, where you’re tasked with sneaking into enemy territory to prevent trades between enemies, all without triggering alarms.

Finally, the game adds a number of quality-of-life improvements, including crosshair toggles, a stealth overhaul, new teammates, changes to the game’s AI, and more.

The 5.0 update for Crime Boss: Rockay City is available now for PC via the Epic Games Store and for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

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