Off The Grid

Gunzilla Games Announces Story-Based Battle Royale Game Off The Grid

Developer Gunzilla Games has announced its new game Off The Grid, a story-based Battle Royale game.

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp and Altered Carbon author Richard K. Morgan are working on the title, which Gunzilla Games has described as a cyberpunk multiplayer shooter, with a heavy focus on the game’s story and narrative progression.

Gunzilla Games, which was founded in 2020, released a CGI teaser trailer for the game, showcasing a man walking through a heavily planted environment before emerging into an opening where a futuristic city can be seen ahead.

A description of the game on the official website reads: “Dive into the heart of a covert corporate war in Off The Grid, a cyberpunk Battle Royale 2.0 multiplayer shooter where you shape the story and the gameplay.

“Unfolding on a dystopian tropical island, Off The Grid sends you on head-spinning assassination and sabotage missions to the greater glory and market share of your chosen faction.”

According to IGN, the game will set 150 players against each other with player versus environment (PVE) story missions taking place on the map in real-time and player actions impacting the story and other players’ gameplay.

Gunzilla Games have announced a targeted release window of 2023, and the game will be launching on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. Check out the trailer below:

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