Evil Dead: The Game New Gameplay

Evil Dead: The Game Gets Brand New Gameplay Trailer

Saber Interactive has released a brand new gameplay trailer for Evil Dead: The Game.

The multiplayer game sees four players take on the role of characters from the Ash Vs Evil Dead franchise – Ash Williams, Pablo, Kelly, and others have already been confirmed – while a fifth player takes on the role of the Kandarian Demon.

Good players must survive Deadites and defeat the Kandarian Demon by finding pages of the Necronomicon and other items, and Saber Interactive’s new gameplay trailer offers a closer look at what players can expect if they choose to play as the Kandarian Demon.

The trailer, available below, particularly showcases some of the Demon’s special abilities, which include possessing the game’s good characters, summoning Deadites to distract the good players, and haunting objects too.

Evil Dead: The Game was originally set to release in 2021 but it was delayed to February 2022, and then delayed again to May 2022. Although the title is primarily multiplayer, it will have a solo mode that will be played with bots along with some “side missions”, although information on what those are remain scarce.

The game will feature multiple maps, including the cabin in the woods, as well as over 25 weapons and a skill tree.

Evil Dead: The Game will release on May 13th, 2022, for PC, Nintendo Switch, and all PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Watch the new gameplay trailer below:

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