Deliver Us Mars Major Update

Deliver Us Mars Gets Major Update Adding Quality Mode & PS5 DualSense Support

Developer KeokeN Interactive and publisher Frontier Foundry have released a major update for Deliver Us Mars.

Available for all platforms, the brand-new 1.0.2 update adds visual improvements, including a Quality Mode for current-gen consoles that targets 30FPS with ray tracing shadows, as well as adaptive trigger support for DualSense controllers on PlayStation 5 when scanning, cutting, and climbing.

The patch has also added support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 on PC, as well as ultrawide support, additional graphics option, and keybindings.

Other changes include three rotating save files, water visual effects for Kathy and Ayla when interacting with water, hair simulation, and the ability to toggle subtitle character names and the colours of character subtitles.

In addition to the above improvements, the new patch has included numerous bug fixes, which you can read about in the PC and console patch notes.

Deliver Us Mars follows Kathy Johanson who joins a dangerous mission to retrieve technology from Mars that could save Earth, while embarking on a search for her long-lost father who may be alive and waiting for her on the planet.

The game is available now for PC and all Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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