Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Gets January 2023 Release Date

EA’s Motive Studios has confirmed a January 2023 release date for its upcoming Dead Space Remake.

The remake of the survival horror sci-fi game was announced in July 2021 with developer Motive Studios confirming that the title will have no changes to the story or characters, but will incorporate some of the cut content found within the original game’s files.

For those who haven’t played it, Dead Space is set on a mining spaceship overrun by aliens known as Necromorphs, who were released after the discovery of a mysterious artefact known as the Marker.

You play as engineer Isaac Clarke, solving puzzles and finding ammunition and other weapons to help him survive, all while exploring the spaceship, fighting Necomorphs, and struggling with Isaac’s growing psychosis.

EA’s Motive Studios have surprisingly open about the development of the remake and have shared several behind the scenes broadcasts about their work on the game, showcasing game environments, lighting, visuals, and character work.

The studio announced their planned release date for the Dead Space Remake in their latest broadcast, with a tweet confirming the news shared shortly after. It was originally planned for 2022 but was delayed to early 2023 earlier this year.

The Dead Space Remake will release on January 27th, 2023, and will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. Check out the latest developer broadcast below:

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