Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics Announces Brand-New Tomb Raider Game

Developer Crystal Dynamics has announced that it’s currently developing a brand-new Tomb Raider game with Unreal Engine 5.

Epic Games held its State Of Unreal presentation today (April 5th) in which the tech giant unveiled more details on its Unreal Engine 5. The presentation culminated in the announcement of the new Tomb Raider game.

The game was announced by General Manager Dallas Dickinson, who said: “Crystal Dynamics is proud to be a part of the launch of Unreal Engine 5.

“This new engine translates to next-level storytelling and gameplay experiences, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce today that we’ve just started development of our next Tomb Raider game, powered by Unreal Engine 5.”

He added: “Our goal is to push the envelope of fidelity and to deliver the high-quality, cinematic action-adventure experience that fans deserve from both Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider franchise.”

The studio previously worked on 2006’s Tomb Raider: Legend, 2007’s Tomb Raider: Anniversary, 2008’s Tomb Raider: Underworld, 2010’s Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light, 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot, 2014’s Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris, and 2015’s Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

Most recently, Crystal Dynamics released Marvel’s Avengers, although the game has been heavily criticised since its 2020 release, and it’s working on a reboot of Perfect Dark for PC and Xbox Series consoles.

Although the new Tomb Raider game has been officially announced, it seems we’re still pretty far from its launch.

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