The primary artwork for Fireside, showing several characters huddled around a campfire

Cosy hiking game Fireside launches in June for PC and Switch

Developer Emergo Entertainment and publisher Nordcurrent Labs have announced a release date for their upcoming cosy hiking adventure game Fireside.

Set in a magical world, Fireside sends you on a whimsical hiking adventure where you’re tasked with exploring a hand-drawn landscape by travelling between campsites.

Along the way, you’ll encounter fellow travellers and spend evenings trading, cooking, and engaging in heartwarming and fun conversations with them to generate “soul energy”, the game’s currency for upgrading and customising your home.

Each character has their own wants and needs, and you’re free to collect and trade items with them or cook the food – there are over 50 recipes to unlock – they want at campfires to barter with them.

Paul Redetzky, the CEO at Emergo Entertainment, said: “With Fireside, we wanted to create a warm-hearted wholesome adventure about the beauty of connecting with others, even when we’re all on our separate journeys.

Fireside is an adventure about talking, cooking, and trading instead of hacking and slaying with small choices, heartwarming stories, and relatable characters that will make you happy.”

He added: “This is an escape into tranquillity, full of friendly faces, serene landscapes, and magical mystery. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences in Fireside when it launches on June 4th.”

Fireside will launch on PC and Switch on June 4th for £12.79/€14.79/$14.99. Check out the trailer below:

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