Super Catboy

Comic-Inspired Action-Platformer Super Catboy To Launch In Spring 2022

Developer Pixelpogo has announced that its upcoming comic-inspired action-platformer Super Catboy will be releasing in Spring 2022.

The “delightful and energetic” game follows the exploits of Catboy, who, with eccentric sidekick Weapon Girl, must jump, claw, climb, and shoot his way through mutated dogs to confront the evil Dr Ungefug.

In the game, Catboy and Weapon Girl must explore snow-capped mountain ranges, derelict factories, mystical forests, and private properties on their mission to stop Dr Ungefug. The game features fast-paced and diverse gameplay in a high-bit pixel art style, and it combines classic 90s run’n’gun mechanics with classic platforming and melee combat.

There’s also plenty of loveable characters to interact with, challenging bosses to take on, and bonus stages like motorbike and mine cart chases.

Super Catboy will launch on Steam for PC and Mac in Spring 2022, and you can wishlist it now. Check out the trailer for the game below:

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