Cities: Skylines Final DLC

Colossal Order Announces Final DLC For Cities: Skylines

Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order have announced the roadmap of the final DLC packs for Cities: Skylines.

As Colossal Order continues development on Cities: Skylines 2, it has announced plans to launch new content for the original 2015 game as a continuation of the World Tour and as the game celebrates its eighth anniversary

Between March and May, Colossal Order will release six Content Creator Packs, five Radio Stations, a free update, and a mini-expansion.

Releasing next week on March 22nd, 2023, are three new Content Creator Packs; Africa In Miniature by Setonji “Prince Set” Hotonu, which comes with 28 new African-inspired buildings; Sports Venues by BadPeanut, which includes community sports parks and stadiums with realistic football, baseball, and American football animations; and Shopping Malls by KingLeno, which adds shopping plazas, fast food restaurants, and department stores.

Also releasing this month are three new Radio Stations; JADIA Radio Station, which includes 16 African-inspired tracks from musician Wan Shey; 80s Movie Tunes, which includes 15 tracks inspired by 80s classic films; and Pop-Punk Radio, which includes 16 tracks of high-beat songs.

March 22nd will also see the release of the Hubs And Transport free update for the base game and After Dark, Snowfall, Natural Disasters, and Mass Transit expansions, which add a slew of new transport systems.

In May, Colossal Order will release three additional Content Creator Packs – Industrial Revolution, Brooklyn And Queens, and Railroads Of Japan – followed by two Radio Stations – 90s Pop and Piano Tunes – and a mini-expansion, with more details to come on said packs.

Check out the trailer for the new DLC below:

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