Cavern Of Dreams

Cavern Of Dreams is a retro-inspired platformer coming to Nintendo Switch this month

Super Rare Games and Bynine Studios have confirmed that Cavern Of Dreams – an N64-inspired platformer – is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this month.

The game follows Flynn, a young dragon who embarks on a quest to rescue his unhatched siblings who’ve been stolen by a mysterious villain. On your journey, you’ll explore a magical world comprised of four distinct, themed lands linked to a central hub.

You’ll need to unravel the mystery of Flynn’s missing siblings by solving puzzles, performing light platforming, uncovering secrets, finding collectable eggs, and unlocking new worlds and abilities.

The combat-free game focuses on exploration, puzzle solving, and platforming as you steer Flynn towards his family reunion.

Cavern Of Dreams is available now for PC via Steam at £9.99/€12.79/$12.99, and it will launch for the Nintendo Switch on February 29th at the same price.

Check out the trailer below:

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